Dear vendors and brokers,

Thank you for participating in our food shows. Food shows are excellent opportunities to build relationships with sales reps and customers, sell new items to existing customers, sell to new customers, and reward those who buy from you!


Do you know how the Nicholas and Company food show rewards program works?

1- The allowances that you enter into Data Connect will be converted to points.

(The dollar value that you enter is what will be billed back or paid internally for each case. The point value is what the customer sees and earns.)

2- At the food show, the customer will see the points associated with each item.

3- The customer books product.

4- The customer will earn points for every item that is booked at the show and then shipped during the shipping period. (If the customer books just one case, they will still earn points for ALL cases that are shipped. Likewise, if the customer books 100 cases but shipped only one, they earn points for only the one that shipped.)

Food Show rewards flyer coming soon…

Click below to download the:


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