4 Tips for Curbside Success

We want to see you succeed, and we are here to help. At Nicholas and Company, we’ve kept a close eye on curbside operations and have compiled a list of best practices to help clarify your operation and keep things running smoothly. We hope you will find this information useful in your curbside practices!

  1. Take-Out Specific Menu: Having a take-out specific menu cuts complexity, eases guests minds about food safety, and shows the operators a deliberate approach to COVID-19.
    • Sell popular items that travel well
    • Bundle whole-family options
    • Offer Grab-n-go products
  2. Prioritize Sanitation
    • Communicate your safety measures
    • Take payment over the phone in advance
    • Have the customers call upon arrival, and bring the food out to their car
    • Wear a cloth mask and gloves as an extra precaution when bringing the food out to the customer
    • Provide sanitary wipes with meals and have them easily accessible by the guest
    • Wash your hands regularly!
  3. Efficient Ordering System: Having an efficient ordering system ensures a brief and safe exchange, and makes for a safe and seamless experience for the customer.
    • Request the make and model of vehicle at the time of order
    • Have food packaged by the time the customer arrives
    • Provide accurate and narrow pick-up times
    • Clearly display your phone number outside the pick-up area
    • Have your guest call upon arrival
  4. Advertise Appropriately
    • Stay up to date with your website and other social platforms (e.g. Google, Yelp, Facebook, and Instagram)
    • Update your hours, location, and phone number
    •  Announce your take-out Services


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