Beer-Battered Alaskan Fish by Hidden Bay™

Offering results usually found only in from-scratch recipes, our new Hidden Bay beer-battered Alaskan fish lets you choose from wild cod, pollock, or halibut, battered with Icy Bay IPA® from Alaskan Brewing Co®. This tender, delicious wild fish offers a superb finish and bright flavor profile, thanks to quality ingredients and careful preparation.

Favored by Diners

Research shows Alaska is cited by diners as the #1 source of great seafood, and that diners are more likely to order fish when “Alaska” is used in the description. Additionally, diners see restaurants serving Alaskan seafood as caring more about both food quality and environmental stewardship.

Committed to Quality

Hidden Bay™ offers a vast array of high-quality seafood—straight from some of the world’s best waters to your favorite recipe. Hidden Bay’s expert handling and processing helps deliver quality seafood to every plate and every customer. Like all Nicholas and Company food products, Hidden Bay™ seafood is always stored and transported at safe, proper temperatures to ensure maximum quality, freshness, and customer satisfaction.

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