NOVEMBER 16 | 5PM-10PM | The Grand Hall @ the Gateway

Join us once again for our annual Bill Bucks Award Gala, a end of the year celebration of the team that makes Nicholas and Company stand out amongst the competition. We’re looking forward to a fun filled evening of sales awards, Bill Bucks prizes (Silent Auction & Raffle), dinner, drinks & entertainment.  You and your guest should dress to impress and come prepared to celebrate and enjoy an amazing event!



For any of you who are new this year and need a little more information about Bill Bucks – here it is!

  • Throughout the Bill Bucks Fall Promotion, you have been earning bill bucks points – 1 point per case and 2 points per EB case sold.
  • Now at the end, your cumulative growth in sales equates to your total earned bill bucks points.
  • These points are awarded to you at the Bill Bucks Awards Dinner on November 16th.  We’ll have them for you as you arrive.
  • During the Bill Bucks event, you may use your Bill Bucks to bid on silent auction items, buy extra raffle tickets or you can simply take them all home with you and use them on a redemption website that will be sent out after the event.
  • In case you’re asking – What is a Bill Buck worth?  That depends on the total amount of bill bucks earned and awarded, it changes every year based on total sales.  We’ll give you a a rough idea how much they are worth the night of the event.

If you’re joining us in Salt Lake City from out of town, Jen has probably already set you up with room accommodations at Hotel RL, SLC.  The hotel is about 1.5 miles (an 8 minute ride in Uber or Lyft) from The Grand Hall at the Gateway.  We will assist with parking for the event if you’re local or planning to drive from the hotel.  Please remember to plan for a ride or designated driver if you’re visiting the bar during the event.


Built in 1909 as the Union Pacific Depot, The Grand Hall is an architectural landmark. The Gateway has worked to maintain and enhance the Hall’s most intricate details, including its original tile, stained glass and epic mural. And as it readies itself to serve as home to Salt Lake City’s hippest new boutique hotel, The Gateway will continue that work to preserve the charm of this architectural gem.




Online RSVP is now closed.  If you didn’t RSVP and want to attend, email