2013 Trends Overview & 2014 Predictions

Popular Food Trends in 2013

· Vegan
· Frozen yogurt
· Tiny desserts
· Fruit and veggie smoothies
· Better hamburger buns

Every year in the food industry promises us a new trend that many begin to follow. Some of the trends are something that we all want to stock our fridges with, and other trends we would rather throw in the garbage and move on.

Let’s take a look back at some of the most popular trends that we saw in 2013!

A huge trend we saw this year was going Vegan. Many celebrities began endorsing the non-animal consumption meal plan this year. But this trend didn’t seem to spark as much fire as other trends that we noticed.

A large trend among the younger foodies in 2013 was frozen yogurt. A tasty, and a healthier substitute for ice cream, this trend blossomed. Frozen yogurt is very customizable desert option. You have the option to pick a flavored yogurt, or even a vanilla option, and then add as few or as many delectable toppings for more flavor.

Tiny deserts was also a health conscious, delicious trend this past year. Many places, like Starbucks, began offering bite-sized deserts in order to save the amount of calories one consumes when they’re having a sweet tooth craving.

Health consciousness has been a large overlying trend throughout all of the 2013 trends, and it’s not going to bow out now. Another trend that went far this year was fruit and veggie smoothies. Many people made delicious fresh smoothies and used them as meal substitutes on a daily basis. It’s a good way to add the recommended daily serving size for fruits or vegetables.

Our last trend that we saw appear this year was delectable hamburger buns. Instead of offering the plain old wheat or white bun, restaurant’s started offering more upbeat choices. Buns such as pretzel buns, ciabatta rolls, and multigrain rolls are all choices that we saw appear on various menus this year.

We saw these trends come about in 2013 and become quite popular, but just because the year is over doesn’t mean that these trends are too. Keep your eye out and try some of these old trends, but now let’s take a look at our predictions for the 2014 food trends of the year!

2014 Trend Prediction

· Clean eating/fresh foods/local/organic
· Gluten Free
· Tea
· Ethnic foods
· Mixology

Coming up this year we have a few predictions for what people will be consuming most. Eating right and getting healthy always seems to be at the top of most New Year’s Resolution lists, and this year is no exception. The difference this year is that many restaurants seem to have the same resolution. Eating healthy may be something that will last longer than the first month of the New Year thanks to the help of main food suppliers and their new healthier menus.

A huge trend that we see picking up even more in the coming months is clean eating. Incorporating things like organic and locally grown produce is something that many are trying to do. By doing so, you cut out chemicals from processed foods from entering your body. We have seen this trend appear before, but this time we think it will stick.

Lately we have seen a lot of celiac allergens come up in people, which leads us to our next trend: gluten free. Some people are taking the gluten free route because they have to due to allergies, and others are choosing to be gluten free because of the health benefits. Either way, gluten free is becoming a widely known choice. Even some prepackaged foods in the grocery store are coming out with gluten free options to aid with this change in diet.

Many people are pushing aside the unhealthy, sugar loaded soda choices, and opting for something on the healthier side. Tea is a drink that still has the added benefits of caffeine, but not nearly the amount of calories and sugar added. Tea is an option that we see growing with the rest of the food industry in the coming year.

Another trend we see thriving is ethnic foods. While everyone loves a good plate full of rice, and beans, and a burrito, things like Indian cuisine and more are becoming more pronounced as well. Restaurants that specialize in ethnic foods are popping up everywhere, and this is the year to broaden your pallet and give them a try.

The last trend that we see coming to fruition this year is mixology. While having a delectable glass of wine, or a hearty pint of beer is great, mixing yourself a new concoction is something that will delight your taste buds just a little bit more. Mixology is the new found art of mixing cocktails and discovering new recipes to sample.

Hopefully our past and future trends have given you some ideas to spark some fun into your New Year shopping list. Keep checking back throughout the month of January for more detailed posts including ideas and information about these upcoming trends!

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