Create a Recipe for Success This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s is one of the biggest days of the year for restaurants. It’s estimated that 8-billion dollars is spent dining on Valentines. Capture the romantic spirit by creating a special evening that will win customers hearts and keep them coming back long after February 14. Taking that extra step could make all the difference when diners are choosing between multiple restaurants.


  • Valentine’s Day themed items
  • Special menu items
  • Ambience
  • Staff


Give a Red Rose to Every Customer

Ask a local flower shop to donate red roses to your restaurant for Valentine’s Day in exchange for appetizer cards. The florist can pass out your appetizer cards to their customers and you can give the roses to yours. It’s a great trade!

Put Some Love Into The Menu

Make customized Valentine’s Day specials that include traditional aphrodisiac ingredients such as: oysters, chocolate, and champagne. Create menu items with the intention that they are to be shared so couples can experience something together.

Set the Mood

Play up the atmosphere in your restaurant by dimming the lights, lighting candles, and playing romantic music.

Staff Accordingly

It is important to have adequate and experienced staff. Schedule servers that know the menu and the clientele. Having a staff member who can upsell pricey dishes is beneficial.
Unique promotions will bring customers in the door, but great service and food will bring them back. Valentine’s Day is a time to connect with your guests and show them you value their business.

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