Recipe for Success: March Madness

According to the National Restaurant Association the three most important factors that go into selecting a March Madness viewing location are: price specials, viewing experience, and food/drink choices.

Every year the NCAA hosts a basketball tournament featuring more than 60 collegiate teams across the country called March Madness. Unlike the Super Bowl, it spans over multiple days. With those factors in mind, here are some tips to help maximize the customer experience during March Madness, and keep them coming back long after.

Their Viewing Pleasure

Since your establishment probably won’t be adding 25 new flat screens in time for opening tip-off in a few weeks, you’ll have to make due with the TV situation you currently have. The key then becomes optimizing the experience for customers. Over the first two weekends there will be instances where as many four games are being played simultaneously on different channels. Make sure you have a firm handle on your cable/satellite schedule and ensure at least one employee is always able to handle customer requests for games.

Join in the Conversation

Show your customers that you are invested in March Madness. Build excitement by reaching out through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts. Build the excitement and also drop hints about the specials you’ll be offering during the tournament.

Bracket It Up

Perhaps more important than the games themselves is the fan interest in the accuracy of their tournament predictions. Make sure you have brackets posted prominently in your restaurant. Offer special deals or prizes for the closest predictions.

March Madness turns casual sports fans into basketball junkies for a few weeks every year. Even if your restaurant wouldn’t usually be confused with a sports bar, this is still a unique opportunity to pick up additional business.

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