How Restaurants Get You to Spend More Money

A lot of thought and time goes into creating a magical dining experience for the customer, when eating at a restaurant. A lot of thought and time also goes into making that same customer spend more money for their meal.

Here are the top 5 ways restaurants get you to cough up the cash:

1. Not using dollar signs – Restaurants try to steer clear of the dollar signs because it immediately reminds patrons they are spending money.

2. Being tricky with numbers – Prices that end with $9.99 mean quantity but not always quality. Prices that end with .95 instead of .99 seem “friendlier” as well.

3. Using very descriptive language – Studies show descriptive menu labels raised sales by 27 percent compared to the items without.

4. Visually highlight items – Foods that are highlighted, shown with pictures or bolded appear fancier. However, high-end restaurants avoid this tactic because it can make them look “tacky.”

5. Offer foods in two portion sizes – Customers don’t know what size the smaller portion is so they automatically assume it is the better value.

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Information from Business Insider

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