Airport Restaurants are the new Culinary Experience!

Stuck with a long layover, but can’t stomach the thought of eating at those airport restaurants? Airport dining has evolved!

Air travel has nearly doubled in the last decade with roughly 3.1 billion people reported having traveled in 2013 by air. Airport restaurants are an integral part of that experience now. Most air travelers are in it for the long haul – which means more down time at airports. Often travelers will go hours without eating a proper meal.

More people, more stomachs!

Due to the increase in exposure, the world’s culinary masters are now using airports for their new restaurant openings. Heston Blumenthal, Sophie Michell and Gordon Ramsay have all opened up airport restaurants in recent years. Since airports have a strict no-gas policy, kitchen technology has come a long way in the last few years, as well as chefs’ abilities to think of new and creative ways to add flavor and cook quickly. For instance, you can get good caramelization with a heavy-bottomed saucepan on induction hobs, which now have quick reactions and reach high temperatures almost instantly.

Many airport visitors now have greater dining expectations while traveling. Passengers have more opportunities to eat at airport restaurants and they expect better gourmet experiences. A greater range of food suppliers are now authorized by airports, including Nicholas and Company. Nicholas and Company supplies quality food products and services to a number of airport restaurants in Salt Lake City.

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