Craft Beer & Oktoberfest

Summer is winding down, but don’t be afraid to serve, celebrate and enjoy a craft beer. We tend to reach for a frosty, cold beer during the hot summer months, but think of Oktoberfest; this traditional craft beer festival runs from mid August through early October. Attracting over 60,000 visitors, Snowbird’s Oktoberfest has grown to become one of the largest festivals in Utah! Admission to the Oktoberfest festival is always FREE.

Craft beer and microbreweries are becoming extremely popular, allowing us the opportunity to enjoy many different tastes and types of beer. Like wine, beer contains strong flavor notes and characteristics that are unique to the particular beer type. It is also becoming extremely popular to pair craft beers with particular menu items to enhance the flavor of the beer and the food.

It is important to focus on the three main elements of beer, malt, hops, and yeast when considering beer pairings. The sweetness, and heavy coffee or chocolate notes characterize malt. Malt beers pair well with any grilled meat. Hops are used to flavor your beer and provide a wide variety of flavor options that can range from spicy to bitter, or floral to fruity. Spicy hops pair well with red meats, while floral hops pair well with light vegetables. Beer made with a higher concentration of yeast tends to have a heavier flavor profile, try pairing these beers with lighter fairs such as salads or seafood.

There are over 100 styles of beer. To the novice, that may seem overwhelming when picking a craft beer. Simply put, a beer style is a name given to beer that describes its overall taste, character and oftentimes its origin. All styles can be categorized into either ale or lager. Ales being the heavier, more intensely flavored stouts and pale ales. Lagers are light, crisp and clean.

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