Glow-in-the-Dark Halloween Treats

Halloween Desserts That Will Light up Your Party

This Halloween, break out the black lights and treat your party guests to some delicious, glow-in-the-dark confections!

Not to worry—though most people associate glowing with harmful radiation, these party snacks are made from natural substances found in common foods. Once your guests get a taste of these glowing Halloween treats, the only scary thing will be keeping them in stock!

Traditional approaches to glow-in-the-dark Halloween foods came from tonic water, which when combined with powdered gelatin would create an eerie, wobbly concoction. Tonic water is naturally fluorescent because it contains molecules that fluoresce under ultra-violet light. Fluorescent molecules are also found in foods like vitamin B12, honey and mustard.

Try this glow-in-the-dark dessert this season, or experiment with fluorescent food items to create some Halloween treats of your own!

Glowing Pearl Pudding with Chocolate Spiders


2 tablespoons tapioca pearls

1/8 cup milk

2 cups water

1/8 cup honey

1/4 teaspoon vanilla sugar

1/8 teaspoon lemon peel zest


Place tapioca pearls into one cup of cold water and soak for 30 minutes. Drain. Place one cup of water to boil and add honey. After the honey has melted, add vanilla sugar. When dissolved, add tapioca and cook on low heat, stirring occasionally. After about 20 minutes, add milk and lemon peel zest, and continue to cook on low for an additional 10 minutes. Place pudding into a mold or bowl to let cool down. Serve with chocolate drizzle or chocolate “spider” decorations. For gluten-free pudding, make sure to use a brand that guarantees gluten-free products. Create a totally dark space and — using black lights — enjoy your glowing dessert!


Note: Different types or brands of honey will change the dessert’s glow color. Use black locust flower honey for a white glow, or yellow honey for a sunny glow. Creamed honey is not recommended, as it tends not to glow as much.

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