Green Eating: From Garbage to Gastronomy

You might want to think twice about tossing out those extra leafy greens. Foods that used to be discarded are now making a comeback, with health- and waste-conscious consumers turning previously inedible extras into delicious meal additions.

Some food corporations are also embracing green eating as well, buying up previously wasted foods to use in new and exciting ways. Here are some foods that are moving from the trash can to culinary chic!

Broccoli Leaves

Most people are familiar with the flowering broccoli crowns. But now, some people are rethinking ways to use the popular vegetable; mainly the leaves. Broccoli leaves are now being packaged and sold. Stores are even starting to incorporate them into fresh juices. That’s green eating—literally!

Coffee Fruit

Coffee beans grow inside coffee fruit, tiny red berries that have often been considered food waste. However, beverage companies like Bai are now scooping up these berries to use in their carbonated drinks. Rather than being discarded, coffee fruit is fast on track to becoming the next superfood.

Cashew Apples

Like coffee fruit, cashew apples have long been ignored in favor of the star of the show: in this case, cashew nuts. Cashew nuts grow on stem-like fruits, called cashew apples. The apples have always been tossed out, but there are some who are taking an interest in these strange fruits.  Will cashew juice become the next coconut water or acai juice?

Sweet Potato Greens

Though sweet potatoes have long been a staple in cuisine across the globe, the rest of the vegetable hasn’t gotten much attention. Sweet potato greens are slowly gaining popularity, however. These versatile leaves can be sautéed, fried, or possibly blended into a morning smoothie. This recipe for maple sautéed sweet potato greens shows that green eating is not only easy, but delicious!


Information courtesy of Food Dive

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