Let IBM’s Chef Watson Suggest Your Next Meal

Do you have an abundance of ingredients but no ideas? Let a supercomputer build you a recipe!

The Future of Meal Planning

IBM’s supercomputer, Watson, has donned an apron. In order to provide professional and home cooks alike with innovative recipes, IBM created Chef Watson: an app that uses the supercomputer’s cooking skills to create extraordinary dishes out of ordinary ingredients.

It’s simple to use: just set your criteria and Watson will return 100 creative meal suggestions based on the cooking style and ingredients that you prefer. There’s no telling how many tasty combinations or different techniques are waiting to be discovered.

Programmed Taste Buds?

Since a computer has no sense of taste, you might wonder how Chef Watson could make delicious and unique recipes. While Watson doesn’t know what an ingredient tastes like, it can identify flavor compounds within that ingredient to find out what items it would work well with. Based on the chemical makeup of an ingredient, Watson can predict what will be savory, sweet, spicy or just all-around pleasant.

This is big news for chefs looking to cater to individuals with special dietary needs, trying to find ways to shake up classic dishes, or even compensating for food shortages.

Test Chef Watson

IBM is now taking sign-ups to test the Chef Watson app. The company believes that Watson will not only be able to give cooks fresh ideas, but will revolutionize the way people think about everyday ingredients. It still might be a while before IBM works out the kinks, but eventually Chef Watson will be able to assist all foodies in their quest for new and exciting dishes.

Interested in helping Chef Watson by becoming a part of the app’s beta test? Take the survey for a chance to be selected!


Information courtesy of All Tech Considered and engadget. Photo courtesy of engadget.

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