Pre-Sliced Cheeses from Cobblestreet Market

In this FoodTrends Live video, watch corporate chef Michael Showers and Darrin Briggs of Schreiber Foods discuss the features and benefits of natural pre-sliced cheese. They’ll also show you a few tasty dishes featuring one of America’s favorite comfort foods: the grilled cheese.

What to expect with Cobblestreet Market pre-sliced cheeses:

  • All natural ingredients
  • Pre-sliced for portion control
  • Paper between slices for easy peel-apart
  • Wide selection of cheeses perfect for any situation

Nicholas and Company – Pre-Sliced Cheeses

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  1. Martha Shular

    I use your Swiss cheese at my work. Reinhardt Foods is our delivery service. My question is where might a consumer purchase your cheeses outside of there


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