Leftover Candy Corn?

Whether they love it or hate it, most people have an opinion about that yellow, orange, and white striped candy known as candy corn. You might be looking for a way to get rid of that leftover candy bag from Halloween that’s getting stale in the cupboard. You might want to find a different way to eat your favorite chewy candy. You might have just found a stray handful of candy corn in the couch cushions and don’t know what to do with it. Give this recipe for deep fried candy corn a try! Either way, it’s guaranteed to give you a new perspective on those treats everyone seems to have on hand around the fall holidays.


Delicious Deep Fried Candy Corn

These buttery dough pillows filled with warm, creamy nougat are melt-in-your mouth delightful!



1 roll of canned pastry dough

Handful of candy corn (enough for about 3 or 4 corns per puff)

Powdered sugar for dusting

Oil for frying


Unroll the canned dough and cut it out into circles (a shot glass or cookie cutter should work)

Place three or four candy corns into the center of the dough circle

Gently seal the dough into a ball around the candy corn (make sure there’s no candy peeking out!)

Fry the candy corn-filled dough balls on all sides until golden brown (be careful, they go fast)

Dust with powdered sugar to taste



Of course, this is only one way to shake up an old classic. Though it might not rocket candy corn to the top of everyone’s favorite candy list, this recipe might put those sugary kernels on the map. Share with us your tips on how to transform those pesky treats still hanging around after Halloween into tasty eats!


Information and photo courtesy of OhBiteIt.

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