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The debate over genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or biotech crops has been ongoing for decades. The issue is a divisive one, with many advocating their use and others staunchly opposed.

A GMO is any item that has been altered at the molecular or DNA level to express a new, desired characteristic that could not readily be acquired through traditional breeding. In agriculture, GMOs are used to improve crops in order to foster sustainable production practices, boost yields, reduce agrichemical use, improve nutrition/quality, and increase shelf life as well as repel insects. Some scientists worry that GMOs may release new toxins and allergens in foods, increase the use of chemicals and/or herbicide resistant weeds and may disturb the ecological balance of our Environment. At this time, labeling is completely voluntary; the FDA does NOT require foods to be marked as containing GMOs, but many companies are doing so to alleviate any concerns customers may have with eating these products. Some consumers may be surprised to know that many of the foods they eat daily contain GMOs; those commonly used items can include soybeans, corn, canola oil, sugar, and alfalfa sprouts.

Markon is GMO free! All Markon products—with the exception of the soybean oil in the dressing of the Ready-Set-Serve (RSS) Coleslaw Kit and the citric acid in the liquid solution of our RSS Preservative and Preservative-Free Fresh-Cut Fruit items—are free of any genetically modified organisms or biotech products. The dressing for RSS Coleslaw Kit is manufactured in a separate facility and shipped pre-packaged to avoid any chance of contamination to the coleslaw (cabbage and carrots). Markon First Crop, Markon Essentials, and Ready-Set-Serve cartons, as well as any inner packaging films, are printed with a GMO icon to symbolize that the items packed in the box have not been genetically modified.

More and more customers want to know about the foods they eat, particularly where, how and by whom they were grown. Nicholas and Company customers and consumers can rest assured that Markon fresh fruits and vegetables are grown naturally, for flavor and high quality—without scientific modification or intervention.

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