Lamb Weston French Fries

For more than 60 years, Lamb Weston has been a leading supplier of frozen potato products to customers around the world, and a bellwether of innovation within the potato industry.

Lamb Weston’s high-quality, high-profit line of french fries and prepared potato products can be found on every continent across the globe, from restaurants in Paraguay to grocery stores in Prague, and at thousands of retail locations in between. Their secret? A passion for potatoes, certainly. But even more important, it’s the long-lasting relationships they’ve developed with people—the operators, distributors and brokers who share their same passion for this incredibly versatile food.

Although Lamb Weston has grown dramatically over the last half a century, the core principles driving this growth have remained unchanged: uncompromising service, valued partners; tireless pursuits of innovation; and unwavering commitment to providing great potato products that maximize profitability and help strengthen relationships with customers.

information courtesy of http://www.lambweston.com/

Watch this Foodrends Live featuring The Seashore-Style™ fries—a unique thick-cut fry coated with a batter that’s seasoned with sea salt, cracked black pepper and garlic. The skin-on appearance gives these fries an authentic, hand-cut look customers can’t resist. Item #00020101

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