Lucky Foods for New Year’s Eve

Many people believe there is a relationship between good luck and what you eat on New Year’s Eve. Consuming lucky foods on New Year’s Eve can bring a year full of prosperity and good health. January 1st means forgetting the past and making a clean start. For many, this isn’t something left to chance. Traditions vary from culture to culture, but there are obvious similarities all over the world in what foods to eat to ring in the New Year. There are 6 major foods you shouldn’t miss out on if you want to enjoy a year of happiness.


  1. Grapes – a custom that originates in Spain, eating 12 grapes at midnight can bring you luck and happiness for each month of the New Year.
  2. Cooked Greens – resembling crumpled money, cooked greens are eaten on New Years to increase your wealth in the up-coming year.
  3. Legumes – beans, peas and lentils are also symbolic of money (more specifically coins) and since they swell when cooked, so does your fortune.
  4. Pork – eating pork on New Year’s Eve symbolizes progress. Pigs push forward. They are an earth-rooted animal rich in fat, which also signifies prosperity and wealth.
  5. Fish – due to an immense history of preservation and abundance, fish is a common choice for New Year’s Eve. Different varieties are consumed for good luck, fertility, long life, health and good harvest.
  6. Cakes – thought to symbolize good health and food aplenty. Many hide trinkets, coins or nuts inside – suggesting great fortune in the New Year.


Keep in mind there are foods you should avoid eating on New Year’s Eve as well. Lobster, for instance, brings bad luck to your future because they move backwards and could therefore lead to setbacks. As well as any winged fowl since the good luck will fly away.

Superstitions aside, food is bound to be part of your New Year’s celebrations. Whether or not food brings money, good health or abundance into your New Year get creative with some of the foods that are traditionally eaten for good luck on New Year’s Eve. Enjoy and eat as much lucky food as you can – just don’t get too greedy or the first resolution you’ll start in the New Year is going to the gym!

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