Craft Sodas

First there was craft beer, now there are craft sodas. Many have noticed that the consumption of soda has been slowly declining over the last 10 years. Soda companies are hoping the “craft” trend that helped the beer industry grow can also help the soda industry.

Everyone is looking for ways to make soda more appealing for millenials. Consumers in there 20’s and 30’s want distinctive “handcrafted” products. The suggestion is simple. Since craft beer has become such a big hit, soda hopes to follow suit. Specialty sodas aren’t new, they have been around for a while, but craft sodas are being marketed in new and unique ways to try and increase sales.

Try some of these recipes for craft sodas:

Northwestern Soda

1 oz 1883 Blackberry Syrup #371439
8 oz sparkling water
Splash of lime juice

Pour sparkling water into a Ginger Beer Glass (#335766). Add 1883 syrup and stir. Splash with lime juice and enjoy!

Blackberry Ginger Ale

3-5 blackberries
½ lime
1 ½ oz 1883 Blackberry syrup #371439
10 oz ginger ale
Mint leaves

Muddle blackberries with ice cubes and lime juice in the bottom of a shaker. Add additional ice and 1883 syrup and shake. Pour mixture into glass and top with ginger ale. Garnish with mint and enjoy!

Cactus Cooler Italian Soda

½ oz 1883 Orange Syrup #370436
½ oz 1883 Peach Syrup #164204
½ oz 1883 Mango Syrup #164203
8 oz sparkling water
Half & half

Fill cup ½ full with ice. Add 1883 syrups and sparkling water. Top with half & half, stir and enjoy!

Craft sodas add to any beverage menu! Try serving them today – offer special happy hour discounts to increase craft soda sales or have a separate menu for drinks only.

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