Create an App for Your Restaurant!

Not that long ago, there was no such thing as an app. Today you can shop with them, play games, get directions and even turn on your car with them. However, usually programmers develop apps and consumers have to take what they can get. Now, thanks to Como, foodservice operators can develop their own mobile apps.

Como provides a do-it-yourself app creation platform. This platform first launched in 2010 when mobile app development was still in infancy. Como has since grown to become the largest DIY mobile app maker. Just recently, it was announced that more than one million apps have been created on the platform worldwide, with over 4,500 new apps created daily.

The Como Console allows restaurants, cafes, distributors, food bloggers, bars and everyone in between to create an app to reach customers on their personal devices. It’s easy to use and creates visually attractive apps for all major mobile devices including Android, iOS and Kindle Fire.

Not only can you create an app for your restaurant but also you can track customer activity, reservations, deliveries, orders and promotions. Como Console generated apps give customers the opportunity to review the restaurant and share their reviews on Yelp, Citysearch and other guides. Como offers integrations with select online ordering and payment systems. In addition, the program allows foodservice operations to design mobile apps that develop loyalty programs, enhancing customer satisfaction by offering promotions, services and specials. Push notifications give real-time tracking to the delivery person, the business and the customer.

Como aims to serve the future of mobile and offer a targeted and engaging experience for customers via the apps created on Como Console.

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Information courtesy of totalfood.com

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