Current Produce Trends

Take a look at these current produce trends! There is a never-ending hunt for new flavors, textures and experiences in the food industry. People now more than ever want to experience dining – it isn’t just about consuming food anymore, it’s about the whole start to finish experience. Keeping up on current produce trends can only help you, your business and in the end best serve your customers.

Produce Hybrids

Farmers have been crossbreeding fruits and vegetables for centuries, but today’s suppliers have the added benefit of nutritional research to naturally create exciting, delicious new ingredients.

produce trendsKalettes are part kale, part Brussels sprouts; chefs are falling in love with their sweet yet nutty flavors and unique plate presentation. #991904
• Today’s focus on health and wellness make the broccoflower an item to watch—it has the creamy texture of cauliflower with the color and high antioxidant content of broccoli. #992108
Rainbow carrots are going mainstream. Who doesn’t love the vibrant color, intense sweetness, and heavy dose of beta-carotene that these versatile root veggies pack? #997145

Featured Items

Rambutan – A relative of the lychee, the rambutan is a translucent, gelatinous fruit covered in a reddish-black shell with hair-like spikes. The shell is easily split to reveal the sweet inner flesh and hard pit. Their flavor is comparable to the lychee or longan, in other words, a flowery grape. Use rambutans in fruit salads, to garnish hot cider, and to accent spicy curries. Supplies are available through March in 4.4-pound packs. #998107

Dragon Fruit – Brilliant red or dark pink dragon fruit are pine cone-shaped and grow on cacti. Their inner flesh is white or magenta with watermelon-like texture dotted with tiny black, edible seeds. The flavor is delicate with hints of banana, kiwifruit, and pear. Use dragon fruit in tropical fruit salads, pastries, and smoothies. Supplies are available most of the year in 6- and 10-pound cartons. #991555

Red Currant Berries – These tiny, delicate, glossy-skinned berries are fresh currants—much different from the dried versions on the market, which are actually Zante grapes. Ruby red in color and approximately one-quarter inch in diameter, currant berries are tart and often used to give food kick. They work well in vinaigrettes, with fish and meat, and as poultry glazes. Red currant berries are available through January and are typically shipped in 12-count half-pints. #998092

No matter what current produce trends you follow, get creative in the kitchen! Try new fruits and vegetables that you are unfamiliar with and create recipes that will be sure to please the foodies in your area. For more information on current produce trends please visit our Industry Reports page.

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