As a third generation family-owned business, Nicholas and Company knows the value of successful, loyal partnerships. Nicholas and Company has a long-standing legacy of philotimo – a Greek notion of love, honor and the inclination to do good for all. In order to keep this legacy the company has always strived to make long-term business decisions that benefit their team members, customers, employees and partnerships. Doing right by others has not only kept Nicholas and Company in business, but has allowed the company to continually grow.

Wells Fargo understands these family values, and for over 15 years, has partnered with Nicholas and Company to help expand their philosophy. This valued partnership has allowed the business to grow into new markets, including the recent development of a second distribution center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Nicholas and Company knows the challenges of a growing business, as well as the importance of loyal partnerships that are able help overcome those challenges.

Nicholas and Company’s CEO and CO-CEO, Peter and Nicole Mouskandis, know that loyalty goes both ways. As they continue to grow and expand they will continue to work with Wells Fargo, as well as any partnership that represents philotimo.

Wells Fargo helps wholesale food distributor grow into new market

Watch the story of how Wells Fargo helped Nicholas and Company expand our wholesale food distribution experience to the food companies of Las Vegas, Nevada.

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