March Specialty Produce

As a proud supplier of Markon, Nicholas and Company is keeping up on specialty produce. Some of these may not be regulars on your menu, but you may want to consider these specialty produce items and add some unique flavor to your recipes.

cactusleavesCactus Leaves – Cactus leaves, or nopales, are the green fleshy paddles of nopal cactus plants. Their flavor is reminiscent of slightly tart green beans. After removing the sharp spines with a vegetable peeler, cactus leaves can be cut into chunks or strips and used in salads, scrambled eggs, and stir-fries. Although available year-round, they are most tender from February to May and shipped in 5, 10, and 35 pound packs. Nicholas item# 999339

gailanGai Lan – Also known as Chinese broccoli, gai lan has flat, blue green leaves, thick stems, and broccoli-like flowery tops that are edible. Its flavor is sweet, with a hint of bitterness. Popular in stir-fries and broth-based soups, gai lan is compatible with ginger, garlic, and soy sauce. It pairs well with beef, pork, and tofu and can be substituted for spinach, cabbage, or broccoli. Available year-round, gai lan is typically packed in 10-pound boxes. Nicholas item# 991038

passionfruitPassion Fruit – Passion fruits are small and round, with smooth, inedible skins ranging in color from yellow to dark purple. Inside they have brightly colored, intensely flavored, gelatinous pulp that tastes of honey, jasmine, and lemon. Passion fruit can be used in tropical beverages and a variety of desserts. Try topping ice cream, cheesecakes, and custards with their pulp. Available most of the year, passion fruits are shipped in one-layer flats. Nicholas item# 992919

Learn more about our specialty produce here.

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