Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

It’s that time of year again, spring cleaning time! Many dread the day we have to open up the windows and scrub away the grime, but these tips can help make it an easy transition with bright days and warm weather to come.

First and foremost, is important to clean your restaurant both inside and out. The front of the building is the first thing customers see. As all the snow melts away, the winter’s residual dirt, grime, mud, and salt are left behind. Give the front façade, sidewalks, parking lot and dumpster a serious power wash to spray away the winter and leave the face of your restaurant sparkling clean.

Right between cleaning inside and out, are the windows, which will need a fresh look too. As the days get longer, there is more sunlight to show off any grime that may be clinging to the glass. Wipe away the grime and don’t forget the window sills and coverings too.

After that’s done, think about the winter boots that have tracked all that salt, dirt, grime and mud into your restaurant. Once spring banishes winter snow from your location, be sure to deep clean the floors. Scrub, repair, and refinish if necessary.  You can also check if tables, chairs, and baseboards are in good repair as they are being touched up in the deep spring clean process.

Our last tip, and definitely an important one, is to assess the restrooms. 94% of consumers claim that restroom cleanliness has a substantial influence on their confidence in a restaurants food safety. It is imperative to ensure a clean bathroom for patrons, and while they should be checked hourly and disinfected each night, you can use spring cleaning time to assess the toilet seats, trash cans, faucets, sinks, paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers, mirrors, and countertops. Replace anything that is broken or beginning to look old and dirty.

These tips will help keep your restaurant in top shape. If you need to stock up on materials to aid in the feat of spring cleaning, just ask your sales representative for what great cleaners Nicholas supplies.


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