Angie’s – Where the Locals Eat

Angie’s Restaurant has been locally owned and operated since 1983. The owners, Saboor and Kristine Sahely, named the restaurant after their oldest daughter. The restaurant started with just 15 employees and has grown through the years to double the seating capacity and employ over 70 people. The owners describe their restaurant as a classic style diner filled with both locals and travelers. It sits in the heart of Logan and continues to be the locals favorite even after three decades.

The Magellan Press picked Angie’s as one of the restaurants titled, “Where the Locals Eat.” This distinction in given to a handful of restaurants throughout America. Angie’s Restaurant was also picked as one of the best breakfast restaurants in the United States by the AAA Magazine. Though their breakfast has gained nationwide attention, they are also known for their kitchen sink, which is the largest ice cream sundae in Utah. It is mounds of ice cream, whipped cream, bananas, and topped with three cherries, served to look like it’s in an actual kitchen sink. If anyone finishes the kitchen sink they receive a bumper sticker that says, “I cleaned the sink at Angie’s.” This bumper sticker is displayed on thousands of vehicles throughout Utah.

Angie’s also strongly believes in giving something back to the community. The restaurant opens its doors every Thanksgiving and serves a free Thanksgiving meal to anyone without charge. Those that can afford it make a donation to a local charity. This last Thanksgiving Angie’s served over 1,000 free meals and raised over five thousand dollars. Throughout the year the restaurant also participated in several fund-raisers and raised thousands of dollars to help different worthy causes.

Be sure to head to Angie’s to try out their famous breakfast, take the challenge of the kitchen sink, or just see first-hand their top-notch service. A complete interview with Angie’s can be found in our Spring 2015 edition of FoodTrends magazine.


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