Fundamentals of Food Cost with Don Heins – Nicholas BIG Foodshow

As promised, each week we are featuring classes available at our annual BIG Show coming this May! Don Heins is a certified trainer, dynamic speaker and our resident expert in strategic sales and restaurant management. He will be teaching multiple classes, include Fundamentals of Food Cost.


When thinking about attending this class, ask yourself:


  • Do you know what the overall food cost is for your restaurant? 


  • Is controlling the cost of goods in your restaurant more difficult than you imagined? 


  • As a restaurant operator, you want to ensure you are paying a good price for the product you buy, but what are you doing to manage costs after you receive it? 


  • Did you know profit is generated and managed after you receive the product?


  • Is your profit margin as high as the chain restaurant across the street? 


According to our expert, it can be. Learn the answers to these questions as well as the very same food cost and inventory management strategies that the national chains use in their restaurants. You can join us for Fundamentals of Food Cost at the BIG Show on May 20th from 1-2 pm. Come ready to learn profit building skills that you can start immediately!

Click here for more information on the BIG Show.



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