Brewing Up Profits!

Tea Pairings and Increased Sales!

Beverages are a high-margin add-on that can help increase check averages for restaurants. With the tea category predicted to $15 billion in the next three years, many operators are taking notice. Did you know that a well-paired tea can enhance a culinary dining experience just like a fine wine?

Whether fine dining or fast-casual, the right tea program will enhance the customer experience, the meal, and will drive profits. Therefore, a successful tea program should complement the operator’s current culinary program. Mighty Leaf Tea continues to innovate and design products that resonate with consumers. In regards to food service, much of the efforts are focused on understanding the operator’s needs and how a tea program fits into their overall concept.

As we mentioned before, the right tea can enhance any part of the meal. See below for ideas on which teas would go well with each of the flavors.

Organic Earl Grey #374004

Full bodied black tea complements hearty main dishes. Try pairing with a steak or pork chop.

Organic Breakfast #374003

Full bodied black tea complements hearty main dishes. Try pairing with a roasted turkey or chicken.

Organic African Nectar #374007

Most chocolate desserts pair well with black teas. The tannins in black tea are cleansing after a rich dessert.

Organic Mint Mélange #374008

Mint infusions complement fruity desserts perfectly. Try paring with a fruit tart or pie.

Green Tea Tropical #374002

More delicate green teas work well with fish and vegetables. Try pairing this with grilled salmon and squash.

Chamomile Citrus #374000

Subtle notes of citrus pair will with cream based desserts or pastries. Try pairing this tea with ice cream.

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