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Summer is finally on the horizon, and with that, many people are looking for lighter meal choices. Mix up a worn out routine with some fresh and trending summertime veggies! Incorporating Markon’s RSS Shredded Kale Blend can be a healthy and flavorful component to any summer grilled protein.

As a base ingredient, kale can be mixed in with summer greens, crunchy cabbage, hearty vegetables, seasonal fruit, and highly acidic dressings to create an easy and exceptional salad. It is a very versatile component. As a rule of thumb, RSS Shredded Kale can be treated like a cabbage based slaw, putting a unique twist on a classic dish, while alternatively, Baby Kales have more of an arugula texture and can be substituted for any leafy green. A fun idea is to blend the two together for a crunchy and flavorful summertime starter.

An example of this can be shown in the recipe below. This salad will stand out this summer and will create a diverse and healthy option. It can also easily be transformed into a hearty vegetarian or gluten free option, catering to all customers.

Double Kale Grilled Salmon Salad

6 oz        Fog River Gold Atlantic Salmon                                  #190049

6 oz        RSS Shredded Kale                                                    #991891

6 oz        RSS Baby Kale                                                            #990146

3-4          Asparagus Spears, Blanched and Grilled                   #993702

4 oz        Cucumber Wasabi Dressing                                        #510204

2 oz        Smoked Paprika-Dusted Pumpkin Seeds                    #582056

2 oz        Crumbled Goat Cheese                                               #454328

Cracked Black Pepper – To Taste


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