Panda Express Family Day

Let’s Feed Hope Together

June 8th is Panda Express’s first ever Family Day. A day geared toward solving hunger. Hunger in American is rampant. With 49 million people struggling with with hunger everyday, the Panda family is proud to partner with Feeding America® and its nationwide network of local Food Banks.

Did you know?

Sixteen million children (1 in 5) in the U.S. face hunger daily.

Two-thirds of Feeding America clients have had to choose between paying for medicine or food.

in 2013, 17.5 million households struggled with hunger.

Join us in the fight against hunger on June 8 at all participating Panda Express locations. Each plate of food purchased helps proved 12 meals for Americans in need. Together we can feed America.

The Panda Family Day

“Bringing people together to share joy is our favorite thing to do. As one Panda family, we have been doing this since 1983.

Our founders, Andrew and Peggy Cherng, built Panda Express on strong family values. To this day, the Cherngs consider each and every Panda associate a member of their family.

This Family Day, we invite you to join our Panda family in the fight against hunger in America. Because, when families come together, we can do wonderful things.”

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