Summer Grilled Seafood!

Now that summer is beginning, it’s time for Grilled Seafood!

When the days get longer and the evenings warmer, it’s time to put away the casserole dishes and crockpots. Go outside, open the grill, dust it off and fire it up—it’s grilling season.

There are two predominant preferences for outdoor grilling. Propane is convenient, fast and very consistent. Alternatively, wood and charcoal are slightly more labor intensive, but the finished product is nothing short of amazing. And, as fate would have it, grilling season coincides with the opening season of fresh Alaskan seafood. Halibut, all types of salmon, black cod and oysters are some of the best items for grilled seafood. Experiment with a variety of wood flavors to enhance the natural flavor of the seafood.

What Seafood to Grill?

Black cod is a mild, fatty fish, which makes it a very tender and flaky cut of seafood when cooked. Smoke or grill and combine with citrus or sharp flavors to accent the taste.

Black Cod (skin on) #192011

Whether whole or shucked, oysters are a fantastic addition to your seafood grilling. If cooking whole, oysters are cooked once they pop open. Finish with a drizzle of citrus or vinegars to kick them up a notch.

Shigoku Fresh Oysters #190430
Blue Point Fresh Oysters #190292

Salmon will take to any smoke, but with it’s deep flavor, the sweeter the wood the better. Cherry wood is great for either high temp grilled seafood or a long, slow smoke. Rub salmon with equal parts soy sauce and honey to make a nice glaze, or leave completely plain with just a little salt and pepper and let the smoke do the work.

Wild King Salmon (skin on) #196086

Halibut tastes best when it has a good sear. Make a solid coal base of hickory and make sure the cooking surface is nice and hot. Hold your hand a couple of inches off the surface. If you can do this for 5 seconds, it is not hot enough. The nature of the flesh of Halibut is to stick if the surface is not hot enough. You want to grill this fish all the way through until it’s nice and flaky.

Halibut (skin off) #190008

Kick up your grilled seafood with this recipe for Riesling Vinaigrette.

2 qt Riesling
1 tbsp Dijon mustard #543918
1 tbsp Slide Ridge honey #313115
16 oz Grapeseed oil #470608
Pinch of Cayenne #561910
Salt and pepper

Combine Riesling, mustard and honey, make sure wine is cold. Slowly drizzle in oil while stirring and season as needed.

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