Support Your Local Food Community!

There are many reasons to support your local food community, some of which you may not have thought of. The more obvious reasons include helping small-scale farmers and the local economy, but it could also benefit the environment and the community.

Locally sourced or grown food has been an increasingly popular food trend among consumers. We have a few ideas that will help you utilize this trend within your business and keep your customers coming back for more.

Many crops are seasonal. Try incorporating some of the supporting crops that grow in the off seasons. These crops are essential to local growers because they create the fertile soil required for high demand crops, and unfortunately, there isn’t always enough demand for a small-scale farm to sustain these necessary products. Dan Barber, renowned chef and author, explains in the The New York Times that by “celebrating the All-Stars of the farmers market—asparagus, heirloom tomatoes, emmer wheat—farm-to-table advocates are often guilty of ignoring a whole class of humbler crops that are required to produce the most delicious food. Different off season crops could include various beans, or mustard seed. Using them would add demand to the market, sustain the local economy, and add an interesting take to your menu.

Going along with that technique, you could plan your menu around what’s being harvested. Not everything has to be sourced from a local farm, but including what crops they do have into your menu will create unique, seasonal recipes that your customers are sure to notice.

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Another good idea is to inquire about what crops grow locally and whether they match your needs. Talk to farmers and learn which crops their land needs and discover the possibilities for your business. You can also make suggestions. Sellers want to provide customers with in-demand products, and respond well to consumer suggestions. If there is enough call for these products, it will be more likely they are brought in.

The trend for locally sourced food is still growing. Use the aforementioned techniques to benefit not only the community and the environment, but your customers as well.

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