What’s the Scoop?

Summer is in full swing and we’ve got the scoop on just what your customers need to cool down. Ice cream is a classic treat and billions of gallons of ice cream and other frozen desserts are produced each year. Nicholas and Company not only provides everything you’ll need to satisfy the cravings of the end user, your customer, but also supports local ice cream suppliers. We proudly carry product from Fat Boy and Farr Russell’s.

From ice cream sandwiches to cones to banana splits, Nicholas has what you need to really show your customers what dessert is all about. While vanilla continues to be the most popular flavor among consumers, there are plenty of ways to dress up a drab dessert. Why not try combining the following delicious products to create a sundae bar, kid’s cone or high-end dessert?

Fat Boy Ice Cream

Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich         8/12ct                   #141001

Cookies & Cream Sandwich         8/12ct                   #141008

Junior Ice Cream Sandwich          1/160ct                 #140989


Farr Russell’s Ice Cream

Vanilla Ice Cream                             1/2.5 gal               #140092

Cookies & Cream Ice Cream        1/3 gal                   #140632

Chocolate Ice Cream                      1/3 gal                   #140020

Strawberry Ice Cream                    1/3 gal                   #140038



Caramel Topping                              6/#5                       #361214

Chocolate Syrup                               6/#10                    #361460

Hot Fudge Topping                          6/#10                    #377184



Sliced Strawberry                             6/#5                       #377580

Crushed Pineapple                          6/#5                       #431827

Fancy Nut Topping                          3/2 lb                     #584267

Rainbow Sprinkles                           1/6 lb                     #317590

Chocolate Sprinkles                        1/6 lb                     #317284



Ice Cream Cone Sampler              1/1000 ct              #431450

Unjacketed Cones                           1/1000 ct              #431550

Waffle Cones                                     1/288 ct                #431850


Start filling your menu with satisfying new flavors! For more recipes and ideas, check out our Food Trends page!

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