Jams, Jellies & Marmalades – Trending Preservatives

Jams, Jellies & Marmalades

Preservatives are trending up, especially marmalades, but do you know the key differences between each kind? Jelly is made only using the juice of a fruit and sugar. It should be clear and sparkling and its consistency is firmer than jam. It’s also government regulated to contain at least 55% fruit juice and can be used to sweeten or gloss up a sauce or gravy. Jam on the other hand has a thicker consistency and is comprised of chopped or crushed fruit pieces, which is then cooked with sugar. Jam is very useful as a base for tarts. Lastly, marmalade is only made from the juice and peel of citrus fruits. The key is the rind, which lends a bitterness to delightfully balance the sweetness of the fruit. It can be used in recipes like duck and sponge pudding.

While each has its own unique uses, all three preservatives are great on toast or scones. Pair some of the flavors below with a good bread, and you’ll have a favorite with the millennials, who love the sweet-tart flavors.



Grape Mixed Fruit Jelly                   #011040

Orange Marmalade                         #671049

Strawberry Jam                               #012542

Jalapeno Jelly                                  #232060

Apple Cinnamon Jelly                      #671610

Raspberry Jam                                 #162635


Bread Pairings

English Muffin                                   #161433

Baguette ½” Slices                           #197173

Texas Toast Bread                           #152758

Sweet Wheatberry Bread                 #152734

Sourdough Bread ½” Slices              #152708

French Bread                                    #121670

Wheat Bread ½” Round Top             #152239

White Bread ½” Round Top              #152240

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