Bar Food Favorites!

Bar food has become a cuisine category all its own, evolving way beyond its humble origins of being a way to get patrons to order more drinks. Creating your bar menu can be a challenge. Customers demand a huge range of different tastes—some just want a basket of fries and others prefer a unique gastropub experience. Put a spin on traditional bar favorites to meet the needs of both. A well rounded bar food menu will satisfy virtually any hungry customer.

Nicholas and Company Bar Favorites!

Ground Beef Mushroom Onion Patty         20/8 oz                      #198747

Double Smoked Bacon                               1/15 lb                       #284665

Mozzarella Sticks                                        6/2 lb                         #023431

Unbreaded Cooked Chicken Wings            1/12 lb                       #080605

Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce                          4/1 gal                       #544930

Gourmet Steak Cut Onion Rings                 8/2 lb                         #011688

Beer Battered Onion Rings                          4/2.5 lb                      #023433

Mini Potato Bakers                                       6/5 lb                         #011670

Buffalo Chicken Appetizer                           1/200 ct                     #197944

Jalapeño Cream Cheese Poppers                4/4 lb                        #011671

2 oz Moscow Mule Copper Shot Cup          2 dz                           S/O

14 oz Moscow Mule Copper Mug                1 dz                           #06258300

Contact your sales rep for more bar food favorites!

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  1. Brian Lowe

    How do I order your unbreaded cooked chicken wings (#080605)?
    Thank you.


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