Produce in Disguise

Getting creative with produce is easy, it just takes a little thinking outside the box. Recent consumer trends have shown us that it’s not about where the vegetable and fruits are on the plate, but how they are used. This trend has led chefs to take new approaches to common produce entrées!


Not often do you hear steak and think vegetarian, and even less often do you think of cauliflower as a hearty substitute for a meat dish. Well, think again. Cauliflower steaks are being introduced on menus as the latest meatless treat. When they are cut lengthwise, seasoned and grilled, they become much more than your everyday cauliflower fare.


1/12 ct 992099


Zucchini can be easily transformed into fresh vegetable noodles, or “zoodles.” The firm bite creates an al dente style noodle that substitutes perfectly for any pasta dish. Dishes like Pad Thai, noodle soups and pasta salads can all be substituted with zucchini noodles to make a unique take on a variety of dishes.

Medium Zucchini Squash

1/20 lb 992677

1/40 lb 992678


If you’ve got plantains, forget the bread. A savory cousin to the ever-so-popular banana, mashed plantains crisp well and create a pastry-like texture. Easy to fry or bake, they can be used like a crostini, or simply as a bun, to make a small sandwich.


1/40 ct 990518 (special order)

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Rich, earthy and meaty in flavor, a portabella mushroom is the perfect sub-in for any kind of burger. Stack it high with a combination of flavorful vegetables, and your burger will satisfy even the most die hard carnivores!

Portabella Mushroom (4’’-5’’)

1/5 lb 992032

Try incorporating unique ways to use fresh produce on your menu. For more information, read our article on current produce trends in our Winter Foodtrends.

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