Artisan Breads On The Rise

Restaurateurs may have once taken artisan bread for granted, but no more. They’ve discovered that bread, as humble and relatively inexpensive as it may be, can be a powerful menu differentiator. Proof: Eight out of ten consumers say the quality of the bread is key to creating a great sandwich. Operators are paying new attention to artisan bread preparations, health considerations and opportunities to surprise and please consumers with new bread varieties, flavors and textures.

Let’s look at a few key trends. Artisan, like natural or home-style, is one of those menu terms that doesn’t have a technical definition — yet everyone has a general idea of what it promises. An artisan bread has an open cell structure, thick crust, intense flavor and chewy texture — and no two loaves look exactly alike.


Almost a flat bread, Italian-style Focaccia is a large, flat round of bread typically brushed with olive oil, sprinkled with salt and perhaps spiked with basil. Dress it up with garlic, gruyere cheese and red onion for a truly unique blend.

Basil Cheese Focaccia
4/15 ct 011796

Red Onions Silvered 1/8”
2/5# 990236

Gruyere Cheese
2/6# 455287


This delightful delicacy features Brioche bread with salted caramel and candied walnuts; consider serving with bacon and an egg.

Brioche Bread Dough
1/8 ct 012638

Candied Walnuts
3/2 lb 588998


Chuck Flap is a highly marbleized cut of beef that if cooked right, is tender, flavorful and will melt in your mouth. Place slices on top of Marbled Rye with a tomato relish for a tasty appetizer.

Marbled Rye Sliced 3/4”
48/4.2 oz 128688

Natural Beef Chuck Flap
8/2 pc 0191029


This year’s most common introductions are gluten-free pizza crusts, sandwich breads and tortillas. Offering burritos and quesadillas in whole-grain GF tortillas are sure to pull in the crowds.

Gluten Free 6” Tortilla
60/2.5 oz 152717

Fajita Chicken Breast
2/5 lb 082185

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