5 Reasons You Should be Using Recipe Manager

Keeping up with technology is an important, and not always easy task these days. In a fast-paced world, new ideas are being strung into code and sent out into the market daily. However, finding the best tech for your business doesn’t have to be a hassle. Recipe Manager is an available technology option at Nicholas and Company that can help make running a restaurant easy. Here’s five reasons you should be using it.

Cost and Pricing

In order to maximize profitability, it’s crucial to know your food costs and the industry sweet spot is 30%. With Recipe Manager, the math is done for you. Once you’ve entered the desired 30% into the system, it will generate pricing for your menu items. Menu costing becomes quick and easy.

Inventory Management

Listing all your Nicholas and Company items in Recipe Manager makes it easy for anyone to help with ordering inventory. The system also provides the perfect way to estimate costs for new items, large events and catering expenses.

Quality Control

Ease the transition of new hires and franchise training by utilizing recipe cards provided through Recipe Manager. Saving recipes will help the back of the house learn your menu quickly. Keeping our recipes in one central location makes it easier for your dishes and flavor to stay consistent. The ham sandwich your diners get on Tuesday is the same ham sandwich they get on Friday.

Business Stability

Recipe Manager is perfect for evaluating your finances. From chains and franchises, to diners and all independent restaurants, knowing your food costs is imperative to increased profits and longevity.

Automatic Updates

Once your menu items have been entered into Recipe Manager, the system automatically updates your food pricing. You always know the current cost of your ingredients without having to manually enter in any information yourself.


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