Food Safety Outbreaks

With the recent food safety outbreaks, Markon’s unparalleled standards are more important than ever. Every case of Markon First Crop, Ready-Set-Serve, and Markon Essentials you purchase has met or surpassed strict food safety guidelines. Markon’s 5-star program is based on inspections, specifications and information at five key points:

  • Fields
  • Facilities
  • Transportation
  • Distributor Warehouse
  • Operator Kitchen

Only Markon signature brands are backed by all provisions of the 5-star food safety program. No Markon brands were involved in the recent outbreaks and Nicholas and Company is proud to partner with a company that values the safety of consumers so highly. Markon has pledged $100,000 in research funding to the Center for Produce Safety (CPS). The CPS provides and shares science-based solutions to prevent or minimize produce safety vulnerabilities. These funds will go directly to practical, industry-specific research that reduces the risk of foodborne illness associated with fresh fruits and vegetables. Markon consistently provides confidence in every case.

Together Nicholas and Company and Markon have led the cause for foodservice safety. “Food safety is everyone’s responsibility. No issue is more important. We’re all involved—and we’re all at risk,” explains Markon Chairman of the Board and Nicholas and Company’s President Peter Mouskondis. “Consumption of healthy fruits and vegetables is at an all-time high, but that means our responsibility must also grow. Now more than ever before, it’s critical that the industry becomes more prevention oriented by increasing efforts to provide actionable food safety research. Throughout the supply chain all partners need to be invested in keeping customers safe. The most effective way to achieve this is by supporting the research, staying informed, and enacting the latest directives.”

Information courtesy of Markon Cooperative

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