From Boring to Botanical

Sugary, artificial drinks continue to rapidly decline in consumption while consumers gravitate towards fresh and healthy alternatives. Customers want a great tasting beverage that isn’t full of sugar, caffeine or other unnatural ingredients.  Botanical Infusions are a great alternative to sodas and teas when seeking an answer to this ever-growing dilemma.

Infused botanical beverages are a fresh brewed product that taste great and have health benefits. Botanicals come in a variety of natural flavors, and are hand crafted from high quality all-natural ingredients including hibiscus, green rooibos, ginger, lemon myrtle, cinnamon and honey-bush.

Although botanicals are sometimes confused with teas, they are not a tea nor contain any tea (green or black).

So what makes them different?

Traditional teas (camellia sinensis) are brewed from tea leaves while botanicals are brewed with herbs, spices, fruits, and other natural products. That being said, you can brew them using your current ice tea brewing system.  Offering a healthy and great tasting botanical beverage will boost sales and create a truly memorable experience for your customer. With several flavors to choose from such as Cherry Smash and Watermelon Breeze, your Nicholas and Company sales representative can help you find the perfect option for your operation.

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