Hidden Costs: Let Us Deliver

You order, we deliver. For many restaurant operators, going to the store is just a normal part of your day.  Whether you are making that trip yourself or sending one of your employees, it is a costly expense that is often overlooked.  Nicholas and Company will not only help you avoid these extra expenses but we will keep you and your employees working inside the operation so you can run a successful service rather than running all over town looking for product.

Balancing your Books is Easier when Food Cost is Consistent

When you or your employee take a trip to the store, take into account the rate of pay, the cost of fuel and the higher cost of goods paying retail price.  The store may not have enough on hand so you may be required to go to multiple stores which takes more time and more money. 

All Food is Stored at Proper Temps which Never Fluctuate

And unless you have a refrigerated vehicle or special handling bags, you are putting your perishable products at risk.  Especially in the summer on a 90 degree day, the interior of your car can exceed 130 degrees.  Now this product that you have already paid more for at the register plus the wages and the gas money has not only cost you a bundle but the quality has diminished and may not be safe to use or consume. 

Your Food is Always Delivered at No Additional Cost

We don't charge you retail prices and you don't pay for gas or the wages for your employees to shop. This is just one of the many benefits of doing business with Nicholas and Company.  The high quality food we deliver is consistent, your food cost is easier to manage, all foods are stored safely in the temperature zones required to keep them at their best and your food is delivered at no additional cost. 

You Order, We Deliver.

Let us deliver so you can run your business! We can improve your bottom line and give you peace of mind.
If you are a Nicholas and Company Customer, talk to your DSR to provide strategies on how to avoid all of those trips to the store.  And thank you for choosing Nicholas and Company.

If you are not doing business with Nicholas and Company and you are interested in learning more, please call our Sales Department at 801-531-1100 or click here.

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