How to Buy Chicken

Beef consumption has been on the decline for over a decade.  People consume more chicken now than at any other time in history: over 50 pounds of chicken per person, per year.  In every segment of the restaurant industry, consumers expect to find delicious alternatives to beef and they look for chicken options more than any other protein.  Chicken has become the protein of choice for many restaurant-goers because it contains less fat and calories than beef.  Plus people order it because they are familiar with it and it is a comfort food.

And, lets face it!  Chicken is delicious when prepared and served beautifully by the hands of a master chef or talented line cook.

First Step:  Figuring out which chicken you need to buy

You might think that buying chicken is easy but not all chicken products are the same. Understanding the differences will affect which recipes can be made as well as the quality of your final dish. Knowing what to look for when buying chicken will save you money, give you a better end product and give your customers a better dining experience. We want you to be the expert when it comes to buying chicken.

We have created the guide below to help you determine exactly what chicken you should buy from cut and size to fresh or frozen and more!  This free guide also shares a few of the many chicken items that we sell here at Nicholas and Company.  We have natural, organic, marinated, whole butterflied breasts, single lobe, bone-in, boneless, skinless, cutlets, airlines, leg quarters, wings, thighs, whole chickens, fresh, frozen, pre-cooked, sliced, randoms just to name a few.

If you are looking for something specific, your sales representative will work with you to find exactly what you need to make the perfect dish.


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  1. Britt Jursik

    I’m inquiring about your prices of chicken wings. I’m opening a business and shopping around for the best prices. Please let me know the largest box size and price

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    Hello Britt,
    For more detail regarding ordering and pricing, please fill out the following form:


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