Halloween-Inspired Treats

With Halloween almost here, restaurant owners may be wondering what their business can do to capitalize on the holiday festivities. Although it’s easy to put spiders, ghosts and skeleton decorations up on your walls, you cannot ignore the main reason children and adults alike enjoy the holiday: getting a bag full of sweets. Whether it’s lollipops, cookies, candies or cake, everyone loves to partake in a delicious Halloween treat. Here are a couple dessert recipes from some blogs that we at Nicholas and Company follow that you can use to bolster business during the holiday!


halloween popcorn treats


1. Monster Popcorn Balls

Easy and delicious, these monster popcorn balls by Heather at SprinkleBakes are a great way to turn a simple, inexpensive ingredient like popcorn into something kids will love. These adorable green monsters are a great parting snack for any sweet-toothed customer. Plus, anyone who grabs a popcorn ball will also get a pair of plastic vampire fangs for their Halloween costume!


halloween pumpkin spice smores


2. Pumpkin Spice S’mores

Deborah from Taste and Tell merges classic nostalgia with modern trendiness by introducing the world her pumpkin spice s’mores. Gooey, spicy, sweet, and rich with white chocolate chips, these desserts are sure to be a hit for all ages.


halloween apple pecan treat


3. Apple Pecan Mummies

When a person tries to find a connection between Halloween and fruit, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the classic caramel apple. However, Kelly at EatingRules has come up with an exciting, cute new way of turning apples into a unique spooky sweet that is sure to impress.


halloween green beverage


4. Toxic Ooze Halloween Punch

Entertain your guests by offering them a nice big glass of toxic waste. Dawn at Revel and Glitter has come up with this genius recipe for fruit punch during the holiday. For added effect, serve your “toxic ooze” in a science beaker and green straw!


Got an idea for Halloween you want to share? Leave a comment and we may feature you in an upcoming article!

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