The Last Jedi and Your Business

Despite the holidays being just around the corner, many people have chosen to instead set their eyes on a galaxy far far away. As the Star Wars franchise releases its 8th installment The Last Jedi this week, here are some easy ways your restaurant can capitalize on the cultural phenomena!


Host a Star Wars Movie Marathon

With The Last Jedi being the latest in a saga spanning 40 years, it can be pretty overwhelming to audience members who haven’t seen all seven previous films (or four if you insist on being a purist). Hosting a Star Wars themed movie marathon (a film or two a night) in your restaurant can be an easy, convenient way for customers to get their friends, family and children up to speed on the series.


 Star Wars Themed Snacks

Providing small snacks at checkout can be a great way to capitalize on Star Wars fandom and build a relationship with customers. These snacks can include a variety of forms such as lightsaber pretzel sticks, bottles of sweet blue milk, or our personal favorite Star Wars Macarons!


 Know your Stuff

A key to building a relationship with customers is being genuine and if you cannot hold a conversation about the Star Wars universe, that allure to customers can be lost. To assist you, we’ve collected  a couple random facts that might help you win over even the most particular of Star Wars fans.

  • Millenium Falcon made the Kessel Run in twelve (not fourteen) parsecs.
  • Before settling on Luke Skywalker, George Lucas wrote Mace Windu as the original Star Wars main protagonist 
  • In The Phantom Menace, Yoda has three toes. But in The Empire Strikes BackReturn of the Jedi and Revenge of the Sith, he has four.
  • Despite being so iconic, Harrison Ford was not initially sought to play the wise cracking smuggler, Han Solo. Burt Reynolds was among the top contenders to play Han Solo, along with Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson and Christopher Walken.
  • The word “ewok” is never said out loud in the Star Wars movies.
  • The force is a mystic energy that flow through all living things, and certainly have nothing to do with microscopic lifeforms in your bloodstream.


Have any fun business plans that coincide with the upcoming Star Wars release? We want to hear about them in the comment section below!

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