Super Bowl Restaurant and Bar Ideas

With Super Bowl weekend coming up in a couple weeks, now is the time for restaurants and bars to start prepping for big game crowds. In order to get Super Bowl watchers out of the house and into your tables, try out these tips and tricks!

Start Early

Even though the big game is a little over two weeks away, that doesn’t mean you can’t start promoting now. Get the word out there to customers to book ahead of time by drafting up flyers, posting on social media and renting ad space. Super Bowl watchers rarely watch in small parties, so getting the word out early means that customers can invite their friends and fill more tables.

Offer Discounts

Use discounts to dissuade customers form staying home to watch the game. By providing exclusive deals (percentage discounts to the early reservations, unlimited snacks, discounted prices), customers can forego the stress of planning a Super Bowl party and just focus on having a great time.

The Party Doesn’t End when the Game Does.

Even when the game is over, provide lots of entertainment for customers to continue having a great time. Games like darts, pool, or even a local Madden tournament are easy ways to keep customers in the restaurant and purchasing. Live musicians and comedians can also be utilized.

Getting Everybody Home

Work with local Lyft and Uber drivers to ensure every patron who has had a couple drinks gets home safely. By contacting drivers in advance, both parties mutual can benefit.

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