Soup, Salad, Bread: Up Your Game

Do traditional holiday meals tend to tone down your creative juices? Not this year. Consider changing things up by adding rich and bold flavors to the traditional soups and winter salads that your customers will crave. Try rich and hearty, in-season flavors like oysters in clam chowder, or smoked barley, beets and grapefruit on your favorite greens. Toppings that contrast with the flavor and texture of the soup or salad will transform a basic bowl into something you will be excited to serve. Finally, complete your culinary masterpiece by plating it with a beautiful crusty bread option to create the components that your customers will rave about.

Spiced-Up Greens

Herbs are a fabulous way to enhance the taste, texture, and nutritional value of a salad. They play off nicely against the rather bland and neutral taste of most lettuces and can curb and compliment the bright-bitter flavors of leafy arugula or escarole.
Nicholas and Company is thrilled to unveil a new pre-made salad blend complete with the perfect balance of spice and intrigue. These Aromatic Tender Greens are a fresh blend of red chard, wild arugula, green oak, frisée, parsley, dill, and cilantro that offer an exciting flavor, texture, and color to customer tastebuds. Use this blend as a base and then add toppings such as goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, grilled chicken, mushrooms, beets or toasted hazelnuts for a unique and tasty salad.

  • Organic Lemony Arugula | 2/1.5 lb | 00018126
  • Aromatic Tender Greens | 2/2 lb | 00018125
  • Urban Blend | 2/2 lb | 00014910

Burrata-Roasted Fig Salad
with RSS Aromatic Herbs & Tender Greens

Creamy cheese, fresh herbs, pleasantly bitter greens, and sweet figs drizzled with tangy balsamic syrup—serve as an appetizer or salad all year-round.

2tbs Unsalted butter 000512302
2 tbs Honey 00167033
1/8 tsp Kosher salt 00550332
12 qty Brown Turkey or Black Mission figs, quartered 00999585
16 oz Ready-Set-Serve Aromatic Herbs and Tender Greens 00018125
8 oz Burrata cheese 00454967

INSTRUCTIONS: Heat butter, honey, and salt until butter is melted. Toss figs in this mixture, then roast until caramelized (approximately 15 minutes). Arrange equal portions of greens on four plates. Top with equal portions of figs and Burrata cheese and serve.


Souped-up Bowls

With the right toppings, the humble soup gets some extra finesse. To get you excited about the endless possibilities, here are just a few soup and topping pairings to get you started down the path to transforming your winter stews, chilis and soups.

  • Chicken Gumbo Soup | 4/52 oz | 00151134
    • Cut IQF Okra | 12/2 lb | 00012328
  • Beef and Bean Chili Grande | 4/72 oz | 00152727
    • Greek Yogurt, Vanilla | 2/6 lb | 00459349
  • Boston Clam Chowder | 4/4 lb | 00101027
    • Crispy Shallots, Peeled  |  4/5 lb | 00996652

Beefed-Up Breads

Bread choices don’t have to be boring. Make the grains on your table stand out with these unique options!


  • Ciabatta Bread | 48/4.2 oz | 00122260
  • Ciabatta Roll | 60/3.5 oz | 00135739


  • Baked Butter Croissants | 32/3 oz | 00124947
  • Croissant Dough | 144/2.4 oz | 00120790


  • 1/4 Sheet Focaccia Bread | 10/17 oz | 00122170
  • Italian Spice Focaccia Bread | 1/4 ct | 00020501

Got an soup, salad or bread idea that is pulling in customers? We’d love to hear it in the comments below!

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