Have A Photo Worthy Menu? Taking Advantage of Food Photography

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The hype of social media and food photography isn’t going away anytime soon. We are in an age of technology that revolves around visual pictures depicting how we experience life, day in and day out. It’s not just millennials either. People of all generations are not only posting about monumental life events such as a vacation, a wedding or a move, but also about the everyday activities like brunch, a night out with friends and dinner. Chances are that the dishes you make are going to find their way onto social media sites. The more photo-friendly your food, the better for you. Take a look at items like Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino. While on the menu, you couldn’t go on Facebook or Instagram without seeing a picture of the infamous coffee house drink. Looking forward to 2018, you can expect the foodie trend of posting meals to escalate.

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Try Some Color

Fruits and vegetables are a great way to add color to your dishes. Many advocate that having a rainbow on your plate also means you are eating a well balanced, healthy meal. Try these trending purple foods that are both high in antioxidants and flavor!

  • Cauliflower Multicolored 6/8 ct. 00992100
  • Purple Ninja Radish 1/24 ct. 00015453 s/o
  • Radicchio 9-12 ct. 1/12 ct. 00996611
  • Eggplant 18-24 ct. 1/24 ct. 00997262
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Not all menu items are packed with colorful produce items. Find ways to put some contrast in your dishes with the ingredients you have to work with—use a unique bun or an odd shaped pasta noodle. Be creative in the way you are plating your food since presentation plays such a pivotal role.

  • Ground Beef Patty Fresh Angus 1/16 lb. 00180032
  • Brickfire Bakery Seeded Hamburger Bun 5” 3 oz. 8/8 ct. 00011466
  • Markon 5×5 2 Layer Tomatoes 1/21 lb. 00999870
  • Katy’s Kitchen Original Cattle Country BBQ Sauce 4/1 gal. 00014563
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Top It Off

The simplest way to make a dish picture worthy is to make sure you have the right finishing touches. Use micro-greens, herbs, edible flowers, sauces, drizzles and toppings that will ensure your diners are snapping a few pics to post.

  • Micro Intensity Mix 1/8 oz. 00990495
  • Markon Edible Orchids Purple 1/100 ct. 00990660

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