Markon 5 Star Food Safety Program


                      Safe from Farm to Table Markon’s 5-Star Food Safety® program puts the highest priority on our customers’ top concerns — the safety and good health of diners. Nicholas and … Continued

The Sweeter Side of Winter Recipes


With winter quickly approaching, diners are looking for exciting ways to warm chilly days. Winter is the best season to binge on seasonal delicacies that are not only finger-licking good, but also packed with multiple benefits that help you stay … Continued

Back To School Nutrition


Years ago not much thought was put into school cafeteria lunches; options were slim and quality was substandard at best. Over the last decade, school nutrition and health continue to become prominent. Nicholas and Company values the importance of school nutrition and … Continued

real salt lake

Nicholas and Real Salt Lake


A Partnership We can be Proud of We are very proud to be partners with Real Salt Lake, Utah’s Major League Soccer Team. RSL not only brings people from all over the state and of varying backgrounds and industries together … Continued


Halloween-Inspired Treats


With Halloween almost here, restaurant owners may be wondering what their business can do to capitalize on the holiday festivities. Although it’s easy to put spiders, ghosts and skeleton decorations up on your walls, you cannot ignore the main reason children … Continued


Drink Mindfully


Consumers are willing to put their money where their heart is when it comes to goods from companies committed to social responsibility. According to Nielsen’s Global Survey on Corporate Social Responsibility, fifty-five percent of consumers say they are willing to … Continued

buy chicken

How to Buy Chicken


Beef consumption has been on the decline for over a decade.  People consume more chicken now than at any other time in history: over 50 pounds of chicken per person, per year.  In every segment of the restaurant industry, consumers … Continued


Hidden Costs: Let Us Deliver


You order, we deliver. For many restaurant operators, going to the store is just a normal part of your day.  Whether you are making that trip yourself or sending one of your employees, it is a costly expense that is … Continued

From Boring to Botanical


Sugary, artificial drinks continue to rapidly decline in consumption while consumers gravitate towards fresh and healthy alternatives. Customers want a great tasting beverage that isn’t full of sugar, caffeine or other unnatural ingredients.  Botanical Infusions are a great alternative to … Continued

The Goal? Zero-Waste!


The food service industry is notoriously waste-intensive. Roughly 6 billion pounds of food and produce are thrown out each year, globally. It’s time to make a change! More and more restaurants are committing to reducing waste, even pushing for a … Continued