The Goal? Zero-Waste!

The food service industry is notoriously waste-intensive. Roughly 6 billion pounds of food and produce are thrown out each year, globally. It’s time to make a change! More and more restaurants are committing to reducing waste, even pushing for a … Continued


Small Plates, Snacking, Shareables, Oh My!

The rise of snacking is still on the upswing. Frequent snacking is replacing regular meals for several consumers. In order to maximize profits and sales, operators and suppliers are offering a range of snacks, from light to filling and everything … Continued

Produce in Disguise

Getting creative with produce is easy, it just takes a little thinking outside the box. Recent consumer trends have shown us that it’s not about where the vegetable and fruits are on the plate, but how they are used. This trend … Continued

oysters rockefeller

Oysters Rockefeller

There is an old myth that you should only buy oysters in months with the letter R in them. Well, yes, at one point in history due to lack of modern refrigeration, that was the case. Also, oysters will naturally … Continued


Avocados: 5 Ways

Avocados: rich in healthy fats, stuffed with nutrients, antioxidants, and full of serious brain fuel. They’ll keep your stomach (and your waistline) happy! But just eating regular avocados can get a bit boring at times, so here are five amazing … Continued

Green eating: coffee fruit

Green Eating: From Garbage to Gastronomy

You might want to think twice about tossing out those extra leafy greens. Foods that used to be discarded are now making a comeback, with health- and waste-conscious consumers turning previously inedible extras into delicious meal additions. Some food corporations … Continued

2013 Trends Overview & 2014 Predictions

Popular Food Trends in 2013 · Vegan · Frozen yogurt · Tiny desserts · Fruit and veggie smoothies · Better hamburger buns Every year in the food industry promises us a new trend that many begin to follow. Some of … Continued