Markon 5 Star Food Safety Program

                      Safe from Farm to Table Markon’s 5-Star Food Safety® program puts the highest priority on our customers’ top concerns — the safety and good health of diners. Nicholas and … Continued

From Boring to Botanical

Sugary, artificial drinks continue to rapidly decline in consumption while consumers gravitate towards fresh and healthy alternatives. Customers want a great tasting beverage that isn’t full of sugar, caffeine or other unnatural ingredients.  Botanical Infusions are a great alternative to … Continued

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Food Safety Outbreaks

With the recent food safety outbreaks, Markon’s unparalleled standards are more important than ever. Every case of Markon First Crop, Ready-Set-Serve, and Markon Essentials you purchase has met or surpassed strict food safety guidelines. Markon’s 5-star program is based on … Continued

Red Velvet Cookies

National Cookie Day!

Today is National Cookie Day! So in honor of this baked good we now have our Holiday Cookies in stock and ready to go! Red Velvet #188342 Mocha Chocolate #188344 Chocolate Peppermint #188345 Get creative with your menu by using … Continued

Fresh Fall Flavors!

As the summer begins to cool, it’s time to start serving up fresh, fall flavors! Customers will be looking for seasonal menu items. Nicholas and Company’s latest foodservice flyer is full of great ideas to please your diners. Consumers are … Continued

Artisan Style Pizza Anywhere

The TurboChef Fire provides an artisan-hearth style pizza experience for any operation. Cooking at temperatures up to 842°F (450°C), the Fire can cook 14-inch fresh dough pizzas in as little as 90 seconds. The Fire oven uses independently controlled top … Continued

Brunch 101

Brunch can have many different interpretations. There is “having brunch” with friends where you enjoy a bloody mary and a pastry, and there is also holidays and special occasions where it can mean you are lining up for the royal … Continued

March Specialty Produce

As a proud supplier of Markon, Nicholas and Company is keeping up on specialty produce. Some of these may not be regulars on your menu, but you may want to consider these specialty produce items and add some unique flavor to your recipes. Cactus … Continued

Fun, Fresh, Spring Recipes!

Spring is the perfect time to get creative in the kitchen with new fun, fresh, spring recipes. Try one of the following delicious recipes or put your own twist on them to treat your diners to new spring cuisine!   … Continued

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The Importance of Food Safety

Food Safety should never be overlooked in your operation. Outbreaks of food-borne illness in quick-service restaurants and national chains have become too common a story. Whether the illness is due to contaminated foods or unclean surfaces, food safety needs to be … Continued