real salt lake

Nicholas and Real Salt Lake

A Partnership We can be Proud of We are very proud to be partners with Real Salt Lake, Utah’s Major League Soccer Team. RSL not only brings people from all over the state and of varying backgrounds and industries together … Continued

The Goal? Zero-Waste!

The food service industry is notoriously waste-intensive. Roughly 6 billion pounds of food and produce are thrown out each year, globally. It’s time to make a change! More and more restaurants are committing to reducing waste, even pushing for a … Continued

Markon 5-Star Food Safety

Every case of Markon First Crop, Ready-Set-Serve, and Markon Essentials you purchase has met or surpassed Markon’s unparalleled standards with their 5-Star Food Safety program. The video below will tell you all you need to know about each step of the … Continued

21st Annual Truck Roadeo

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes we don’t often hear about. Today, we definitely want to applaud our transportation team on their excellent effort in our 21st annual Truck Roadeo competition! Our drivers competed against each other in … Continued

Selective Eating Spectrum

Understanding different levels of dietary restrictions can be immensely beneficial when running a restaurant. Some of us never thought that we’d see the day when Burger King or Jim’s Family Restaurant offered veggie burgers, but now that they do, the … Continued

Just Add Bitters

Unique and delicious cocktails are on trend, and what better way to mix up a bar menu than by adding bitters? There are plenty of flavor options and Scrappy’s Bitters has it down to a science. Scrappy’s Bitters was founded … Continued

New Year’s Resolutions to Dine For

It’s that time of year again! After all the celebrations have started to wind down, we like to break out the pens and notebooks and reflect on the past year. We think about what we liked and what we would … Continued